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Welcome to Build The Vision Inc A Strategic Management Consulting Firm

Build The Vision Services


Services are grouped into:

a.  Mentoring

b. Consulting

c. Training - General

d. Training - The Open Group

e. Supporting the Profession


Management Consulting services are provided by experienced practitioners conversant with effective and efficient integration of technology into organizations. Normally engagements focus on digital transformation, enterprise architecture, portfolio management and governance 

Technology experts can be made available to help with the effective integration of specific leading edge technologies.

Training - The Open Group

Build The Vision Inc. is a certified TOGAF training institution and instructors are key contributors to the standard. There are two main courses:

a. EA Using TOGAF 9.2 - Level 1 - 3  Days including exam prep and voucher

b. EA Using TOGAF 9.2 - Level 1 and 2  - 5 Days including exam prep and voucher

Both courses are replete with case studies from the Build The Vision CEO - Robert Weisman  whose linked-in profile is at  


These services are provided managers and executives to help them provide value quickly and lead their staff effectively. Normally these are part-time and/or on-demand engagements. Mentors have at least 30 years of experience leading in the digital environment.

Training - General

The following courses are available and are provided either in-house or public courses:

a. Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Leaders - 2 Days

b. Enterprise Architecture for Practitioners - 5 Days

Supporting the Profession

Build The Vision professional development by:

a. Supporting the University of Ottawa internship program;

b. Supporting professional organizations such as ISACA, AEA, CIPS, IEEE, AFCEA, IIBA, DAMA

c. Giving graduate courses in Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Modeling at the University of Ottawa

Want a knowledgeable graduate student to help introduce a new technology ? Contact Robert Weisman at